Internal Audit Management

Produce key internal audit reports to assure and demonstrate that risks and controls are being effectively deployed, measured and managed whilst highlighting where improvements are necessary

Improve risk management using internal audit results to measure risk treatment

Improve productivity with automated audit planning and scheduling


Client Challenges:

Internal Audit is crucial for providing assurance across the whole organisation that your risk management, governance, internal control processes and polices are operating effectively. All of these areas are vital for the continual operation and success of an organisation, so it is important to look beyond the scope of external auditors and consider additional factors such as environmental impact, reputation and employee satisfaction. 

A key challenge to Internal Audit Management is not having complete visibility of the whole audit lifecycle and not collaborating effectively with risk and compliance teams. Using STREAM for your internal audit management allows better organisation-wide oversight by providing a centralised system for the whole process. An effective audit management system increases productivity, provides greater accountability and results in better working practices by assisting managers to make smarter risks and decisions.   

Key features: 

  • Track audits by providing a comprehensive audit history of all changes (recording who, what, when, why) 
  • Automate audit scheduling, and raise and track actions arising 
  • Provide sufficient documentation of all risk statements and the related controls required to mitigate them providing the basis for risk assessments
  • Create risk-based audit plans for your entire audit universe to provide assurance that your organisation's risks are managed effectively 
  • Get real-time visibility across all your audits and drill down into status, findings and remediation plans in individualised dashboards
  • Aggregate assurance over risks into your enterprise risk management framework to create reports for upper management and stakeholders.

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