Corporate Compliance Management

Reduce the risk of fines and reputational damage resulting from non-compliance with regulations such as GDPR and PCI DSS

Avoid the risk of lapsed compliance from missed assessments - especially important for requirements that need to be revisited at recurring intervals

Reduce the cost of compliance audits by having up-to-date compliance status and risk assessment information available on-demand


Client Challenges:

Corporate compliance is required to ensure that organisations comply with any laws, standards, regulations or ethical best practices within their business area. Organisations should put in place sufficient policies, procedures and employee training to ensure that these regulations are not broken. Regulations and standards can often change over time, so it is vital that companies have effective compliance management to ensure that frameworks are periodically reviewed, assessed and updated and any relevant compliance audits are carried out. Violations can potentially result in sufficient legal and financial punishments.  

Many organisations use multiple spreadsheets to capture their compliance to different regulations and policies, this can pose many challenges which can be solved by consolidating this data into a single compliance management tool. For instance, by doing so allows a clear view of the organisation state of compliance across the entire organisation highlighting which regulatory requirements are having the largest impact to help prioritise activities. It also reduces the risk of lapsed compliance as a result of missed assessments and checks and reduces the risks of incidents occurring through assignment of ownership and accountability.  Mapping an organisation's internal controls to their regulatory requirements can inform management if they are successfully meeting their obligations and whether any compliance gaps may exist. Ensuring that your organisation is  aligned with relevant policies, standards and regulations will facilitate business best practices and reduce your risk of regulatory violations and compliance failures.  


  • Support for an unlimited range of frameworks and management systems, including all ISO and NIST standards with utilities for users to easily upload their own custom policies and standards 
  • Upload pre-configured content for popular applications such as ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST Cyber Security Framework and a wide range of other frameworks and regulations
  • Configure compliance assessment schemes with both manual and automated updates, automated scheduling and remediation workflow
  • Integrate with multiple management systems, such as ISO 22301 Business Continuity and ISO 9001 Quality Management, and with Business Intelligence and Enterprise Risk Management systems
  • Link and cross-reference overlapping frameworks to support a highly efficient approach of measuring once, then reporting through the lens of multiple frameworks
  • Report on the performance of controls across all assets, parts of the business and the entire organisation.

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