Policy Management:
Proving policy compliance

Effective policy management avoids penalties and protects your business by proving your organization is policy-compliant.

What does ‘good’ look like?

A good policy management program reduces business risk by providing clarity regarding expected behaviors. Such a program aligns with a business’s goals and appetite for risk, demonstrating compliance while accommodating justifiable policy exceptions.

Management’s policy expectations are communicated clearly.

Policies are effective at reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

Evidence of policy compliance is maintained.

Decisions on policy exemptions are based on a clear understanding of risk.

Policy and Exception Management Applications


Policy Management

Policy and exception management helps organizations avoid litigation, fines and reputational damage by proving that you are policy-compliant. It’s no small task to document the lifecycle of all corporate policies and link them to key business areas, assets, controls and risks. STREAM can help you create a centralized repository of all policies, linking them appropriately, and streamline access, tracking and reporting. Exceptions can also be documented, reviewed and approved through this repository.

Policy Management Proving Policy Compliance

Processes and features

Here are some of the steps involved in policy management using STREAM.

Create a repository

STREAM helps you create a centralized repository of policies across their lifecycles, including creation, approval, attestation and maintenance.

Accommodate exceptions

Use a workflow to raise, track and approve policy exception requests.

Monitor Policy Change

Stay aware of policy changes to enable a quick response to policy questions or disputes.

Assess business Impact

Review the impact of policies in real business situations to improve and optimize individual policies.

Run attestation tracking

Employ attestation tracking to demonstrate compliance and reduce liability.

Establish accountability

Identify ownership of policies to provide accountability, including tracking across the policy lifecycle, actions and notifications.

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