Business Continuity Management: Building resilience in the digital economy

Make your organization resilient to cyber-attacks, disasters and other disruptions to protect your most critical business operations.

What does ‘good’ look like?

A good business continuity management program reduces exposure to material business disruptions and enables resilience across the enterprise. The program prepares for and responds to disruptive events that could cause material damage, such as natural or manmade disasters, cyberattacks, and global pandemics.

The business is ready and prepared to withstand disruptive events.

Losses, reputational damage and other impacts are contained.

Spending is proportional to the risk.

A balanced approach is taken to prevention, resilience, response and recovery.

Business Continuity Management Application


Business continuity management

Organizations are constantly under threat, which can cause disruptions and slow operations. This limits opportunities for success, drives financial losses and impacts reputations. It is vital that you are properly equipped to handle these threats and ensure your business continues to operate regardless. STREAM can help you plan, implement, operate, monitor and improve operations to be ready for disruptive incidents so your team can keep going regardless of the threat.

Business continuity management: Build resilience in the digital economy.

Processes and features

Here are some of the steps involved in business continuity management using STREAM.

Map out critical processes and assets

Gain visibility and model dependencies for business-critical processes, assets and vendors.

Assess risks

Identify and assess material risks to business continuity.

Plan continuity strategy

Evaluate and prioritize business-continuity risk responses.

Determine workflows

Establish workflows for initiating, preparing, reviewing and publishing business-continuity response plans and procedures.

Run exercises

Create separate workflows to plan, schedule, monitor, report and review business-continuity exercises.

Integrate with other risk applications

Seamlessly integrate with other risk management applications, including incident and audit management.

Show compliance

Demonstrate compliance with ISO 22301 and other business continuity standards.

Establish accountability

Detail accountability for maintaining and improving business-continuity management with scheduling, tracking and workflow from identification to completion.

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