Audit Management: Building confidence in the business

Provide assurance across your organization that risk management, governance, internal control processes and policies are operating effectively.

What does ‘good’ look like?

A good audit management program provides assurance across the organization that risk management, governance, and internal control processes and polices are operating effectively. Because such a program helps managers make smart decisions, it also increases productivity, provides greater accountability and enhances work practices.

Audit plans are prioritized for processes, systems and vendors which pose the highest business risk.

Critical audit findings are escalated quickly with information to justify urgent remedial action.

Audit responses are managed efficiently and tracked through to completion.

Management has assurance that policies and processes are operating effectively.

Internal Audit Management Applications


Audit Management Datasheet

Internal Audit Management supports the continual operation and success of an organization by going beyond the scope of external auditors and considering factors such as environmental impact, reputation and employee satisfaction. STREAM provides a centralized system that provides real-time visibility as well as remediation plans and reporting.

Audit Management: Building Confidence in Business

Processes and features

Here are some of the steps involved in audit management using STREAM.

Create audit plans

Create risk-based audit plans for the audit universe.

Aggregate information into reports

Provide reports for upper management and stakeholders by aggregating assurance over risks into your enterprise risk management framework.

Track audit history

Record and centralize audit history showing all changes made.

Document the audit

Provide audit documentation, including risk statements and related mitigating controls, as required.

Gain visibility

Use individualized dashboards to see audits in real time, including drilldowns into status, findings and remediation plans.

Schedule audits

Automate audit scheduling, raising and tracking actions until the audit is completed.

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