Acuity Risk Management

Protect Duty: Counter-terrorism and risk management

According to the Global Terrorism Index, in 2021 the number of terrorist attacks globally increased by 17 per cent compared to 2020. As terrorism is a global issue that is not going away anytime soon, and one that cannot be ignored by resilient businesses, legislation such as the proposed Protect Duty in the UK is long overdue. This Acuity whitepaper explains the policy and its requirements as it stands, explores relevant timelines and what types of organisations and professionals will be most affected, as well as provides a solution to the challenge of complying with Protect Duty.

Acuity Risk Management helps businesses worldwide effectively manage, prioritise and report on their risks to inform strategic and tactical decision-making and build long-term resilience. Its powerful STREAM platform provides rapid time-to-value to reassure stakeholders that risks are under control and compliance with complex standards and regulations is maintained.

For help with risk and security challenges and compliance with Protect Duty or any other regulations or standards, you can contact us here, via email at or by phoning +44 (0) 20 36985803.

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