Acuity Risk Management

‘Doing more with less’: The Benefits of Quantitative Risk Assessments

Boards and CEOs recognise the increasing importance of cyber security and risk management overall, according to a PwC survey of 3,249 business and technology executives – however, 26 percent will see budget cuts and 13 percent won’t see any change, so their security investments will have to be made prudently. To be certain they are making the right decisions, CISOs are seeing a need to quantify cyber risks. This expectation to ‘do more with less’ is challenging, but quantitative risk assessment methods can help.

Watch this Acuity partner webinar with the Institute of Risk Management to learn how to:

  • Use and benefit from quantitative risk assessments
  • Utilise cost-benefit analysis to determine the ROI of your cybersecurity investments
  • Build objective financial calculations against your risks that are aligned to management’s tolerance for risk
  • Communicate insights in the language of your business leaders, thus aiding decision-making and optimizing security investments
  • Understand different approaches to quantitative risk assessment

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