Streamline Compliance Costs, Maximise Efficiency

Tired of drowning in excessive compliance expenses? STREAM empowers your organisation to cut through the clutter and optimise your risk management efforts. By adopting a strategic risk-based approach, you can redirect resources where they matter most and unlock newfound efficiency across your entire compliance landscape.

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Proactive Compliance

Stay one step ahead of regulatory changes and emerging threats with STREAM. Our dynamic platform helps you proactively identify risks, implement preventive measures, and foster a culture of resilience. Safeguard your organisation’s reputation, protect stakeholders’ interests, and confidently navigate the ever-evolving compliance landscape with Acuity Risk Management as your trusted partner.

With Acuity Risk Management, you don’t just gain access to a ground-breaking platform, but a team of industry experts ready to support you every step of the way. Our team brings unparalleled knowledge and experience, ensuring you receive the guidance you need to achieve compliance excellence. Trust Acuity Risk Management to be your strategic partner, enabling you to drive success in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Why Choose Us

Simplify Compliance Processes

Acuity's STREAM Integrated Risk Management platform empowers risk and security professionals to simplify regulatory compliance. With comprehensive tools and automated workflows, you can seamlessly assess, monitor, and report on compliance requirements.

Say goodbye to manual processes and streamline your compliance efforts with Acuity's intuitive platform.

Centralise Risk and Compliance Data

Acuity's STREAM platform acts as a centralized repository for all your risk and compliance data. Easily capture and manage information related to regulations, policies, controls, and assessments in a single location.

Gain a holistic view of your organization's compliance status, identify areas of improvement, and track progress in real time. Efficient data management leads to better decision-making and improved compliance outcomes.

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

Acuity's STREAM platform promotes collaboration among risk and security professionals. Facilitate seamless communication across teams, departments, and stakeholders to ensure everyone is aligned on compliance objectives. Share key information, assign tasks, and track progress in a transparent and accountable manner. By fostering collaboration, you can strengthen compliance culture, increase efficiency, and achieve better compliance outcomes.

Dynamic risk management

Using dynamic libraries for threats and controls, STREAM allows you to take a holistic, top-down approach to risk from the first usage. With the reporting functionality pre-built and ready to go, you'll have access to real-time, informative reports that are fully drillable within the platform. These reports not only help streamline audit processes but also serve as valuable documentation of your compliance efforts, enhancing transparency, accountability, and regulatory confidence in your organisation.

Customer testimonials

“Preparing for Information Security Audits and having everything necessary in just one place has helped Confluence pass audits and keep up with new risks and controls.”
”Although information security management can be a very extensive and complex task, STREAM enables us to make our ISMS as efficient as possible, increase transparency and be maximally flexible."

Unleash Efficiency, Unburden Your Budget

Stay ahead of threats and ensure regulatory compliance with STREAM Integrated Risk Manager.