Protect Duty: Improving Corporate Security through Effective Risk Management

Protect Duty: Improving Corporate Security through Effective Risk Management

Terrorism is a global issue that cannot be ignored by organisations aiming to do risk management well. Its relevance to business operations of all kinds may not be instantly obvious, but it concerns risk professionals as well as corporate security, business resilience and beyond, and it’s undeniable that the effects and consequences of terrorist attacks on organisations as well as individuals are devastating and far-reaching. UK proposed legislation Protect Duty is being brought in to help address this issue and improve the security of the public.

This Acuity webinar, hosted by Business Development Manager Lawrence Belcher, invites Barry Palmer, Director of Safety and Security for Tate Galleries, to discuss Protect Duty, also known as Martyn’s Law – named after Martyn Hett, one of the 22 victims who lost their lives in the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. The subsequent Manchester Arena inquiry highlighted failures in relation to hostile reconnaissance, venue security practices and risk assessments, and prompted discussions about the increasing need for better, more comprehensive as well as terrorism-specific measures to improve security in public spaces. This inquiry was then used as a basis for formulating Protect Duty.

Barry discusses what Protect Duty is, what types of organizations it will affect, how his organization is adapting to the proposed law, as well as the requirements of Protect Duty pertaining to risk assessments and beyond. Lawrence then shows how the requirements of Protect Duty can be managed in Acuity’s STREAM Integrated Risk Manager. The session will also include a Q&A.

Barry Palmer has operated as a senior safety and security manager and director over a 30-year career within the hospitality industry, health service, media and luxury hotel brands before starting at Tate Galleries in 2016. Barry is Chairman of the London City security zone, Vice Chairman of the Bankside Borough, member of the Security of Major Museums Europe (SOMME) group, executive board member of the International Committee of Museum Security (ICMS) and advisory board member for TINYg.

Acuity Risk Management helps businesses worldwide effectively manage, prioritize and report on their risks to inform strategic and tactical decision-making and build long-term resilience. Purpose-built for risk management from the ground up, Acuity’s STREAM platform provides an integrated view of risk bringing cyber risk together with IT and operational risks to provide a comprehensive view of risk and compliance across the enterprise. The platform models all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber security risk management and presents the results in business terms via an intuitive user interface such that security leaders and executives can make informed risk decisions. The executive team draws on its deep expertise and industry experience to continually innovate and help companies prepare and protect themselves while embracing digital transformation.

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