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Integrated Risk Manager

Effectively manage, prioritize and report on cyber, IT and operational risk to inform strategic decision-making and build long-term resilience.

Comprehensive risk management

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager provides the applications needed to manage the growing and evolving risks facing businesses in today’s interconnected world.


Through centralization and automation of risk management and compliance, STREAM eliminates guesswork, reduces manual processes, communicates risk in business terms and builds stakeholder confidence.

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Bring together all the data required to understand risk status in the context of threats to business outcomes.


Understand potential financial loss exposure and appraise cyber security investments.


Update your risk status and workflows automatically, get a full and accurate view of your exposure and prepare for mitigation.


Know your risk with accessible and configurable reporting that allows for user-specific dashboards and permission-based viewing.

Trusted advisors share their expertise

The Acuity team has deep expertise and experience with risk management and is always ready to collaborate with clients to ensure they deploy the most effective program for their situation. For over 15 years, the team has helped customers in critical and highly regulated industries such as finance, IT, telecommunications, healthcare, defense and government implement risk-based programs to protect their businesses and ensure compliance.

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