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Our risk-management experts help organisations navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving risk and compliance landscape, enhancing their resilience and preparing them for long-term success.

At Acuity Risk Management, we are committed to providing comprehensive services and dedicated support to help you make the most of STREAM, our powerful risk management platform. Whether you need ongoing administrative assistance, a detailed system review, or tailored training solutions, we’ve got you covered.

STREAM Administration as a Service

STREAM Administration as a Service is designed to support the seamless integration and optimal utilization of STREAM within your organization. Our team ensures that you benefit from the latest enhancements and feature updates with each new platform version. Whether you’re using STREAM On-Premise or SaaS, we offer flexible administrative support to assist you at every stage, from initial implementation to expansion and beyond.

Our service is tailored to your organization’s unique needs, which could encompass various activities such as:

Elevate your risk management with enhanced insights. STREAM integrates seamlessly with leading Risk Ratings and Threat Intelligence providers, including RiskRecon, Security Scorecard, Orpheus, and Darkbeam. Stay ahead of emerging threats and make data-driven decisions to fortify your security.

Audit Trails: Reviewing STREAM audit trails and preparing summary reports for management.

Ad-hoc User Administration: Creating and managing user accounts, assigning roles and permissions, and addressing user queries.

Dashboards and Reports: Building custom reports and creating dashboards to meet specific stakeholder requirements.

Ad-hoc User Queries: Assisting users with questions, identifying training needs, and providing valuable feedback to management.

STREAM Settings Administration: Configuring risk assessment types, control assessment schemes, workflows, and more.

STREAM Framework Administration: Loading new control standards and threat libraries to meet security and methodology requirements.

For more information on pricing or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us.

STREAM Platform

Review Advise Assist

Our Review Advise Assist service is designed to enhance your use of STREAM by offering two days of dedicated support from our expert consultants. During this period, we conduct a comprehensive review of your STREAM system, produce a detailed report, and provide advice and assistance to implement improvements.


On day one, our team conducts a thorough review of your current STREAM usage and evaluates your risk management processes. Our consultants then create a customized plan of suggested improvements tailored to your specific needs.


On day two, we present the plan to you and provide valuable advice on the most suitable course of action. We understand that every business is unique, so our recommendations are always personalized.


Afterward, we assist you in implementing the recommendations, ensuring a smooth and successful transition. With Review Advise Assist, you can be confident that you are maximizing STREAM’s potential. Our consultants offer continuous support throughout the process, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to elevate your risk management practices.

For more details on how Review Advise Assist can benefit your organization, please contact us.


Acuity Risk Management understands that effective training is essential for your team to fully leverage STREAM’s capabilities. We provide training solutions tailored to your organization’s needs, ensuring that your team is well-prepared to navigate the complexities of risk management.

Our training offerings cover a wide range of topics and can be customized to suit your requirements, regardless of the length or complexity of your training needs. Our experienced trainers are here to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to excel with STREAM.

To inquire about our training options or to discuss your specific training needs, please contact us.


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