Seamlessly Connect with STREAM

Welcome to STREAM by Acuity Risk Management’s Integration Hub, where you can explore your options for effortlessly connecting STREAM with your favourite tools and platforms. Streamline your risk management processes and enhance your decision-making with our integrations.

Unified Platforms for Efficiency

PowerBI, Jira, ServiceNow, Office 365, Google Drive, OneDrive

Unlock the power of seamless integration. STREAM seamlessly connects with the tools you rely on, including PowerBI for data visualization, Jira for issue tracking, ServiceNow for IT service management, and Office 365, Google Drive, and OneDrive for document management. Make informed decisions with real-time data from your trusted platforms.

Enhance Risk Ratings & Threat Intelligence

RiskRecon, Security Scorecard, Orpheus

Elevate your risk management with enhanced insights. STREAM integrates seamlessly with leading Risk Ratings and Threat Intelligence providers, including RiskRecon, Security Scorecard and Orpheus. Stay ahead of emerging threats and make data-driven decisions to fortify your security.


Ways to Connect

Custom and Open APIs

Connect effortlessly with STREAM by Acuity Risk Management through custom and open APIs. Harness the power of integration with custom-built solutions tailored to your specific needs. Leverage middleware like Zapier for seamless data flow between applications, making your processes more efficient and your decisions more informed.

Unlock the potential of integrated risk management with STREAM by Acuity. Explore our integrations and API options to streamline your workflows and stay ahead of security challenges.


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