Acuity Risk Management

Acuity Has Released STREAM v5.4

STREAM Version 5.4 is now available. The main focus has been the introduction of quantitative risk assessment capabilities and benefits, including:

  • Calculation of expected loss per risk based on lower and upper bound financial impacts and expected frequency of occurrence
  • Aggregation of expected loss up through the Enterprise
  • Loss exceedance curves showing the probability of suffering losses from cyber breaches with comparison against management’s tolerance for loss
  • Control improvement priority report showing a list of controls for implementation or improvement prioritised by those that will provide the greatest reduction in expected loss
  • What-if analysis on the loss exceedance report, modelling how the probability of losses will change if selected controls are implemented or improved
  • Optional auto calibration of the controls that are mitigating each risk so that if control performance improves or degrades, the frequency of occurrence and expected loss is re-estimated automatically
  • Top 10 risks report by expected loss for each part of the business and in aggregate
  • Options within the same STREAM database to assess risks: a) only quantitatively, b) only qualitatively, or c) both qualitatively and quantitatively to allow users to migrate in full, or in part from a qualitative to quantitative approach.

In addition, there have also been productivity-related updates which will improve the efficiency of day-to-day use of STREAM.

Any customers who would like to upgrade to STREAM v5.4 can do so by contacting

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