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Release of STREAM V5.6

We are excited to announce the next release of our award-winning, cyber risk management platform STREAM. In this latest release, we’ve introduced the ability to customize workflows that automatically execute and inform users in real time of risks, deadlines and responsibilities. Managers are able to assign, track and check the progress of activities and users are prompted with alerts for upcoming or overdue tasks. As a result of this upgrade, users are able to:

  • Spend more time on the tasks that matter and less time on administration.
  • Make better decisions by having clear visibility to risk and compliance on-demand and centralized in a single location.
  • Respond faster by monitoring the status of scheduled activities, including due dates, and the person responsible.
  • Enhance quality and consistency across the enterprise by ensuring that everyone is following company standards.

Today’s digital economy is dynamic and fraught with risk, and STREAM is designed to respond to this challenging environment by allowing workflows to be added, viewed, edited or terminated any time as needed.

“Business priorities can change with a moment’s notice, we are seeing that right now,” said Simon Marvell, Director, Acuity. “As such, firms require agility not only in their business processes, but also in the risk and compliance systems that support them. With this new release of STREAM, we aim to expand the flexibility our customers have to respond to their changing environment while protecting their people, processes and systems.”

In addition to configurable workflows, extensive customization is now available across the platform to extend the risk and compliance management applications addressed by STREAM. This further prepares companies to protect themselves in the face of adversity.

Existing customers can upgrade their system immediately by contacting us

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Acuity provides holistic, quantifiable cyber, IT and operational risk intelligence enabling companies to embrace digital opportunities and manage smarter, more resilient businesses. Through extensive and integrated qualitative and quantitative analysis and reporting, Acuity delivers the insights to executives necessary to be smarter about risk and prepare companies for the challenges created by an increasingly connected world.