Acuity Risk Management

Acuity teams up with Darkbeam to help organisations manage supply chain risk

Acuity Risk Management, industry leader in cyber and IT risk management, is teaming up with threat-intelligence solution provider Darkbeam to help organisations better manage their supply chains in the context of an ever-changing digital risk landscape. Join a live demonstration on 17 May to learn about how a dynamic risk-based approach to supply chain management, which constantly evolves and reassesses the risk to ensure a secure and resilient process, is necessary keep on top of a complex supply chain risk landscape.

In the digital world in which we all live and work, there is an ever-increasing risk to our supply chain. This has been increasingly highlighted by Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine. Furthermore, Security breaches through third parties have become increasingly common. According to a 2021 report by Ponemon Institute, 51% of businesses have suffered a data breach caused by a third party.

Acuity has long been highlighting the importance of effectively managing supply chain risk. In order to help organisations fight back against this ever-evolving threat, Acuity’s STREAM platform leverages real-time operational risk and compliance data, allowing businesses to prioritise vendor management activities based on risk.

Having teamed up with digital risk experts Darkbeam, whose technology provides an externally facing scan of a vendor’s website to reveals threats or weaknesses that clients should be aware of, Acuity is now able to provide an even more attractive and comprehensive solution to users of STREAM, Acuity’s award-winning Integrated Risk Management platform.

During the upcoming webinar, Dynamic Supply Chain Risk Assessment: A Darkbeam Demonstration, taking place live on 17 May at 2pm BST, Acuity and Darkbeam will provide their recommendation on taking a risk-based approach to managing your supply chain and the importance of moving away from a compliance-led approach, with point-in-time assessments that are outdated as soon as answered.

The demonstration is also supported by a whitepaper developed jointly by Acuity and Darkbeam, which can now be downloaded for free.

To find out more, or make the first step towards getting value from an effective supply chain risk management strategy, request a demo of STREAM.