Acuity Risk Management

STREAM Achieves a 5-Star Rating for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Acuity Risk Management is delighted to announce that STREAM Integrated Risk Manager has achieved a Five-Star rating in the SC Media, Risk Management Review for the fifth consecutive year! Full marks were given for features, documentation, value for money, performance, support and ease of use. 
Matthew Hreben of SC Media found that STREAM “links all governance, risk and compliance data objects to provide comprehensive visibility of data and assist security professionals in making decisions”. 
In particular, STREAM’s quantitative capabilities were recognised as a key strength, allowing organizations to take a proactive approach to risk management by quantifying risk in financial terms.
By applying these quantitative techniques, Hreben found that STREAM can: 
  • Project ROI by showing the potential repercussions of identified risk
  • Quantify the value gained through security expenditure
  • Prioritize risks based on the remediation costs.
Acuity believes that this unique offering will allow risk and security professionals to improve cyber risk conversations with the board and therefore make better decisions for their organization.
Simon Marvell, Partner at Acuity stated “The cyber security space is always changing so it is a great achievement to be able to introduce such an innovative development. Already, our quantitative capabilities have proven to be highly beneficial to our clients, by facilitating and engaging the board in an area which has traditionally been misunderstood. By providing risk information in a language that senior leaders understand, businesses are able to reduce their level of risk, allowing them to focus on other key objectives.”
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