Live Walk-Through: How Acuity Integrates Vulnerability Management into Our ISMS

Live Walk-Through: How Acuity Integrates Vulnerability Management into Our ISMS

ISO 27001 vulnerability management is a topic climbing to the top of the priority list for risk and security professionals. Many security breaches happen due to a vulnerability for which a patch was available, but not applied. Simply knowing there is a problem, but not fixing it leaves organisations exposed to significant financial and reputational losses. In the current climate of increasingly complex cyber-attacks, there is an urgent need to prioritize open vulnerabilities based on the risks to the business. According to a report by Check Point, 75% of attacks in 2020 exploited vulnerabilities that were at least 2 years old.

However, most patching programs don’t provide credible, timely information based on business risks that would make such prioritization possible. In Acuity’s experience, both within our own information security strategy and that of customers we’ve worked with, a good vulnerability management program drives down business risk by remediating the vulnerabilities that could result in unacceptable harm. It bridges the gap between IT and the business, enabling management to understand how technical vulnerabilities could jeopardize business outcomes.

Watch this webinar, part of our ISO 27001 series, for a walk-through of Acuity’s own ISMS in STREAM, focusing on how we integrate vulnerability management into our information security program. The session will include a Q&A.

Acuity Risk Management helps businesses worldwide effectively manage, prioritize and report on their risks to inform strategic and tactical decision-making and build long-term resilience. Purpose-built for risk management from the ground up, Acuity’s STREAM platform provides an integrated view of risk bringing cyber risk together with IT and operational risks to provide a comprehensive view of risk and compliance across the enterprise. The platform models all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber security risk management and presents the results in business terms via an intuitive user interface such that security leaders and executives can make informed risk decisions. The executive team draws on its deep expertise and industry experience to continually innovate and help companies prepare and protect themselves while embracing digital transformation.

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