The Future of GRC: An Integrated Approach to Privacy & Security in the Modern Enterprise

The Future of GRC: An Integrated Approach to Privacy & Security in the Modern Enterprise

Business is dynamic, distributed, and disrupted. It is changing moment by moment throughout every day. The continuous change of business, risks, and regulations puts data protection of personal information always in a state of flux. This means that organizations need an integrated privacy and data protection/security strategy to monitor and maintain privacy of personal information and to ensure that it is protected and used appropriately. This requires 360° situational awareness of the organization, its risks, and how personal information is being used and controlled.

In this webinar attendees will learn how to:
Monitor the dynamic and distributed nature of business and its impact on data protection and privacy
Identify new and trending threats that aim to disrupt security and privacy in your organization
Develop an integrated strategy and processes for privacy and security in the modern enterprise
Understand the role of technology to make data protection efficient, effective, and agile.

Speakers: GRC Analyst at GRC 20/20 Research LLC, Michael Rasmussen and Acuity CEO, Simon Marvell

Acuity Risk Management helps businesses worldwide effectively manage, prioritize and report on their risks to inform strategic and tactical decision-making and build long-term resilience. Purpose-built for risk management from the ground up, Acuity’s STREAM platform provides an integrated view of risk bringing cyber risk together with IT and operational risks to provide a comprehensive view of risk and compliance across the enterprise. The platform models all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber security risk management and presents the results in business terms via an intuitive user interface such that security leaders and executives can make informed risk decisions. The executive team draws on its deep expertise and industry experience to continually innovate and help companies prepare and protect themselves while embracing digital transformation.

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