Dynamic Supply Chain Risk Assessment: A Darkbeam Demonstration

Dynamic Supply Chain Risk Assessment: A Darkbeam Demonstration

In the digital world in which we all live and work, there is an ever-increasing risk to our supply chain. This has been increasingly highlighted by Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine, which has increased the demand for agile, dynamic supply chain risk assessment.

During this webinar Acuity and Darkbeam* provide their recommendation on taking a risk-based approach to managing your supply chain and the importance of moving away from a compliance-led approach, with point-in-time assessments that are outdated as soon as answered. Supply chain management should be a dynamic approach that constantly evolves and reassesses the risk to ensure a secure and resilient process.

The webinar will guide you through this approach with the following activities:

• Why a risk-based approach to supply chain risk management?

• The Acuity-Darkbeam relationship

• The value of monitoring cyber risk

• A live demonstration of a risk-based approach in STREAM Integrated Risk Manager with Darkbeam

There’s a lot to understand if you’re just beginning to explore supply chain risk. But our experts have been consulting with organizations of all sizes for many years on keeping vendors within their tolerance. Get in touch and we can discuss your supply chain challenges and how STREAM can help.

*Darkbeam specializes in the collection, processing and analysis of data to provide bespoke intelligence-based solutions for clients. Primarily, Darkbeam’s technology provides an externally facing scan of a vendor’s website to reveals threats or weaknesses that clients should be aware of. For more information on Acuity’s partnership with Darkbeam, read the press release or contact us.