Counter-Terrorism Risk Reporting Simplified

Generate a comprehensive and succinct terrorism risk management analysis through the use of Counter-Terrorism (CT) Risk Report by STREAM. This will serve as a compelling demonstration to regulatory bodies, customers, partners, and suppliers of your unwavering commitment to addressing terrorism risks with utmost seriousness.

About CT Risk Report By STREAM

The CT Risk Report by STREAM is a powerful risk reporting tool widely employed by diverse organisations to showcase their proficiency in assessing terrorism threats affecting their personnel, infrastructure and valuable assets. This tool seamlessly connects distinct threats with corresponding control measures, producing valuable insights into vulnerability points within your organisation and enabling targeted mitigation in high-risk areas.

Why Choose Us?

Streamline Implementation

Leveraging pre-assigned threat and control libraries eliminates the uncertainty involved in assessing terrorism risk exposure for any organisation. The CT Risk Report by STREAM modernises this process, providing a fully auditable decision-making framework and generating reports that underscore your proactive commitment to evaluating and addressing the terrorist threat comprehensively.

Effective Risk Management

Harnessing dynamic threat and control libraries within CT Risk Report by STREAM empowers you to adopt a comprehensive, top-tier strategy when it comes to counterterrorism efforts, right from your initial engagement with the reporting tool. With pre-configured reporting capabilities readily available, you gain instant access to real-time, insightful reports that seamlessly integrate within the platform, offering full drill-down functionality for a more informed approach to counterterrorism.

Full Audit Management

CT Risk Report by STREAM offers comprehensive audit management capabilities, enabling users to meticulously monitor all data from its initial implementation to subsequent alterations, complete with timestamps, user details, and corresponding actions. This invaluable feature empowers users to oversee the evolution of policy implementation over time, providing a compelling historical record of security management enhancements to auditors or regulators. This is essential for substantiating robust counter-terrorism risk management procedures

Terrorism risk analysis required?

Step 1

Purchase and Access CT Risk Report by STREAM.

Step 2

Attend a 2-hour training session.

Step 3

Complete Terrorism Risk Assessment, including inherent and residual risk analysis.

Step 4

Create action plans if necessary – to include risk responsibility and acceptance.

Step 5

Generate reports for stakeholders/Exec Board. Retain access for 12 months.

Customer testimonials

“We now have One Version of the Truth, a one-stop SaaS product that integrates effortlessly, with no need for numerous folders. Workload reduction.”
Verified User in Marketing and Advertising
"Previously we were working on stagnant software which didn't allow for flexible effective risk management. With STREAM, we can adapt to the changing need and our company structure"
Leslie W. Corporate Security Manager

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