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Agile risk management for CISOs: Lead the charge to digital transformation

As the CISO, you’re being tasked to understand and react to risks across your enterprise. You need to not only see all the risks, but understand their organizational context. Armed with meaningful data and analytical power, you’ll be able to inform and drive business strategy as a result.

Today’s business leaders understand that risk isn’t limited to data breaches, DoS attacks or ransomware. Of course, cybersecurity remains a fundamental priority and one that requires keeping one step ahead of intruders. But now CISOs need to help their enterprises address these risks in context with a whole array of issues across the business — privacy , operations, audits, compliance, external events, even unhappy employees. And they have to manage all these risks while meeting strategic objectives.

Acuity’s STREAM Integrated Risk Manager gives you the visibility you need to see the full scope of risks you face and what needs to be managed more closely. This 360° view is essential to anyone charged with keeping their company protected and to helping other executives make smart business decisions. STREAM not only tracks risks, it provides you with the ability to quantify and model data so that it becomes a valuable, integral and actionable part of your approach.

Learn about new paradigms in enterprise risk management

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A Complete Solution for the Complete CISO


A Risk-Based Approach

Risks emerge continually. STREAM keeps you informed of where the biggest risks lay in your enterprise so you can prioritize and act systematically. — Learn about the 7 requirements for a risk-based approach to cyber security


Ensuring compliance

Expanding regulations mean CISOs need to be more vigilant than ever. STREAM helps protect your customers from harm — and your company from stiff fines and reputational damage. — Understand how you can do so effectively and efficiently

Operational Risk

STREAM keeps up with evolving operational risk issues — not just fraud, human error and technical failure, but new ones such as AI risks and weaponized misinformation. — Maintain your operational resilience and limit loss events

Assessing Cyber Risk 2021

For security leaders, the pandemic accelerated technology adoption with a corresponding dependence on IT to safeguard organizations. — Read our key predictions and trends for the impact to cyber risk management this year


Controlling the Controls

It’s not enough just to have controls. You need to be sure those controls are working effectively to manage risk. — Get a deeper understanding


Trimming Costs
and Deployment Time

Unlike costly, cumbersome legacy systems, STREAM provides everything CISOs need in an affordable, easily maintained solution that is fully deployed in 5-30 days. — See how STREAM stacks up against the competition


GRC 2020 Solution Perspective on STREAM

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager is designed to help CISOs meet the complexities of their positions in a multitude of ways. Download GRC 2020’s Solution Perspective report on STREAM for an independent view of why our platform is different.

Integrated Risk Manager

It’s time to take a closer look at how a powerful, agile and purpose built platform can help you manage risk more holistically, provide better data-driven insights to build long-term business resilience, and reduce the overall costs of risk software ownership.

Let’s start with a demonstration. We’ll show you why STREAM has become the choice of more and more leading-edge companies and show you how it can work for yours.

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