Acuity RM Group Plc Acquires Acuity Risk Management Ltd

Acuity RM Group Plc Acquires Acuity Risk Management Ltd

Acuity Risk Management Ltd (“Acuity”), a leading UK cyber security company specialising in integrated risk management (IRM), is pleased to announce its agreement to be acquired by Acuity RM Group plc (“Acuity RM”), an existing investor which had previously owned 25% of Acuity’s issued share capital.  Simultaneous with the acquisition Acuity RM changed its name from Drumz plc. 

Acuity’s proprietary software, STREAM™, and services for cyber security and risk management will continue to be supplied to its global customer base.  Acuity is excited about this strategic partnership with Acuity RM and looks forward to the growth opportunities it will bring.

Simon Marvell, CEO of Acuity, said: “Acuity RM has been a great supporter of Acuity since its original investment in September 2020. Over the intervening period, Acuity RM has helped us to strengthen our commercial team and grow the business. We operate in a large and fast-growing market so we are delighted and excited to be proceeding with this transaction which we believe will help us to raise our profile as a public company and further accelerate development of the business and its expansion in new markets”.

Angus Forrest, CEO of Acuity RM, said: “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Acuity. Over the past two and a half years we have worked closely with the Acuity team.  Since we invested the business has taken greater control of its activities particularly sales and marketing resulting in consistent growth and improvement in the Key Performance Indicators.  We believe this is a very exciting time and stage in the Company’s development as it expands its activities in the world’s largest market for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).  GRC is a large market – $14bn in 2022 rising to $27bn in 2027 (MarketsandMarkets).”

The acquisition of Acuity by Acuity RM marks an exciting chapter in the growth of both companies. With Acuity RM’s expertise in developing technology companies and Acuity’s leading position in the integrated risk management sector, the newly formed Acuity RM Group plc is poised for continuous success. Acuity’s proprietary software and services will continue to be provided to its global customer base, and the expanded resources of the combined company will allow for further development and expansion into new markets.

This strategic decision demonstrates the commitment of both companies to meeting the growing demand for cyber security and risk management solutions in an increasingly digital world. For more information and to keep up with all things Acuity and STREAM Integrated Risk Manager, visit the website.