Acuity Introduces Counter-Terrorism (CT) Risk Report By STREAM

Acuity Introduces Counter-Terrorism (CT) Risk Report By STREAM

Acuity Risk Management, a leading risk management innovator, proudly unveils its latest solution, Counter-Terrorism (CT) Risk Report by STREAM. This new offering aims to simplify how organisations manage counter-terrorism risk reporting.

In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, staying ahead of emerging threats is paramount. CT Risk Report by STREAM empowers organisations to do just that by providing real-time threat identification, in-depth risk analysis, actionable plans, and comprehensive risk reporting.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Real-time Threat Identification: STREAM helps organisations swiftly manage emerging threats, providing you with immediate access to critical data and intelligence. Stay vigilant and proactively address potential risks.
  • Comprehensive Risk Analysis: Acuity’s platform offers in-depth analysis of vulnerabilities and their potential impact. By identifying high-priority areas for mitigation, organisations can make data-driven decisions to bolster security.
  • Action Plans: STREAM assists in formulating actionable plans that guide organisations in responding effectively to identified risks. Be well-prepared and equipped to address threats with precision.
  • Customised Risk Reporting: Easily generate tailored CT risk reports that provide crystal-clear insights and actionable recommendations. Showcase your commitment to security and compliance with comprehensive data-driven reporting.

With Counter-Terrorism Risk Report by STREAM, Acuity Risk Management is showing commitment to supporting counter-terrorism risk management specifically. Acuity understands that security is an ongoing commitment, and are dedicated to being trusted partners on this journey.

Ready to elevate your counter-terrorism risk management? Visit to find out more about STREAM and CT Risk Report. Discover how STREAM can empower your organisation to navigate today’s complex security environment with confidence.


About Acuity: Acuity Risk Management is a leading provider of innovative risk management solutions. With a mission to empower organisations to make informed decisions and enhance their resilience, Acuity’s platform STREAM Integrated Risk Manager offers a range of solutions tailored to today’s ever-changing risk landscape.