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Acuity named Summer 2022 Leader and High Performer by G2

And we couldn't be more proud

IT Risk Management

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Each quarter, G2 publishes a new report recognizing pivotal companies in the software industry across a wide variety of categories. Acuity is delighted to announce having been named a Leader in their Summer 2022 Grid® for IT Risk Management and a High Performer in Audit Management, and to have been rated #2 out of 146 for Quality of Support.

With that said, it is worth mentioning that nearly 100% of users rated Acuity 5 stars, and 89% of those believe it is headed in the right direction.

Simon Marvell, Acuity CEO and Co-Founder, said: “G2 ratings and report performance are entirely based on customer feedback, which makes the latest news of our ratings particularly rewarding.”

To read Acuity’s reviews on G2 and find out more about STREAM Integrated Risk Manager, visit the G2 profile or the Acuity Risk Management website.


Get a dynamic view of risk

Spreadsheets and legacy GRC platforms can’t provide the agile, responsive, real-time visibility of risk that is demanded in the modern world.

STREAM  is a centralised and easy-to-use Integrated Risk Management platform, designed by risk professionals for risk professionals.

Through centralisation and automation of risk management and compliance, STREAM eliminates guesswork, reduces manual processes, communicates risk in business terms and builds stakeholder confidence.

The platform

The ease-of-use and built-in risk management analytical tools in STREAM make it possible for everyone to do their part and recognise that only with a coordinated, consistent effort across the organisation can risk be properly managed.

STREAM helps risk teams give their Boards the best insights into what issues a company faces in managing risk, how to prioritise and keep the company moving forward to achieve its goals.

Spreadsheets to software - why?

All of the limitations of spreadsheets in risk management are fully addressed with a risk management platform like STREAM. A centralised, easy-to-use platform is designed so that there’s only one copy, continually updated by everyone with a risk management role, rather than multiple versions that may or may not be fully updated.

Also, beware of GRC or Integrated Risk Management platforms that simply automate spreadsheets. These do not have the capabilities to address the new risks to business for the 2020s, as they can not adapt to the changing risk environment or have the required flexibility. Cyber, privacy and vendor risks require specific attention but the Board wants an overall consolidated view of risk status across all material enterprise risks so that it can prioritise and allocate resources accordingly – this is not only possible, but also automated in STREAM.



Bring together all the data required to understand risk status in the context of threats to business outcomes.


Update your risk status and workflows automatically, get a full and accurate view of your exposure and prepare for mitigation.


Understand potential financial loss exposure and appraise cyber security investments.


Know your risk with accessible and configurable reporting that allows for user-specific dashboards and permission-based viewing.

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