Acuity Becomes Newest Member Of UK’s Space Team Athena

Acuity Becomes Newest Member Of UK’s Space Team Athena

Acuity Risk Management, specialist provider of Cyber, IT and Operational Risk Management solutions, is working with with Athena, the UK’s new national consortium for the space industry. Athena is a diverse and agile commercial coalition made up of Serco, Inmarsat, CGI in the UK and Lockheed Martin UK. Envisioned to grow and adapt for purpose, Athena is a principles-based alliance, with an aim of better forging relationships across the UK’s space sector.

Acuity has joined the consortium as a partner, following a successful strategic partnership with CGI on several Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) and Defence projects.

“We are delighted that Athena recognises the value of the unique Integrated Risk Management platform Acuity brings to the table”, said Acuity CEO Simon Marvell.

“STREAM provides a comprehensive solution to sophisticated cyber risk problems, offers unrivalled risk modelling and, through its variety of integrated applications, enables a risk-based approach to accreditation against numerous methodologies and frameworks”.

Born out of the UK in 2005, Acuity provides a highly analytical platform within the cyber security industry. Acuity’s founders have vast experience in delivering solutions to complex challenges, and having been aware of the lack of tooling to support these activities on an operational basis, created STREAM to fill these gaps in the market.

Acuity has proven success within both the private and public CNI and Defence sectors helping customers build their resilience to risk and delivering a single source of truth that accreditors expect. Sector customers are impressed by the versatility and configurability of the platform to adapt to dynamic and evolving risk environments offering real time feedback.

Shaun Stretton, Senior Vice President of UK & Australia Space Control and Information Solutions at CGI said; “We are pleased to welcome Acuity to Athena.  Athena brings together an ecosystem of the UK’s leading space and defence organisations; Acuity adds a proven capability in risk management.”  

As world-leading UK-based organisations, Athena member companies have joined forces to amplify the sum of their parts, enhancing the nation’s space industry capabilities through meaningful collaboration. With best-in-class experience across a wide variety of technology and services, spanning defence, aerospace, communications and information technology, Athena was formed to help deliver prosperity and security as part of the UK space industry. To find out more about Acuity’s powerful Integrated Risk Manager platform, STREAM, and how it can help your organisation bring clarity to risk, please visit Acuity website or contact us.