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With our STREAM Integrated Risk Manager platform – SaaS or on-premise – get a clear line of sight into your cyber, IT and operational risks to build resiliency and embrace digital transformation.

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What is the main risk management challenge facing your business today?
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Managing risk effectively is the key to surviving and thriving in today’s increasingly interconnected world.



We can help you build resilience to loss events by presenting a clear picture of risk empowering you to manage risks within your tolerance philosophy and reducing the likelihood of a cyber catastrophe.



We deliver a risk-based approach to compliance that provides a single source of truth, consolidated, consistent and aggregated across the business to meet today’s evolving regulations and standards.



We highlight the risks that could cause the greatest harm, so that you can address them in order of priority to ensure that spending is optimized, and resources are used efficiently.



We give managers a clear, objective view of what risk means in language they understand to eliminate guesswork so they can make risk-informed strategic decisions.

Representative customers

  • Why Acuity?

    Why Acuity?

    We help companies understand and quantify their risks so they can effectively prioritize and manage them. We empower companies to align their enterprise risk management framework with their tolerance for risk and we include all stakeholders across the enterprise. We bring our deep expertise and experience to our customers to help them achieve their goals and build for long term success and resilience.

  • Risk Based

    Risk Based Approach

    A risk-based approach provides the required data to determine priorities, make decisions and understand ROI. Through this approach, your company can reach higher levels of program maturity and deliver real value in the form of stronger performance, increased resilience, better assurance and more efficient compliance.

  • Quantification


    STREAM is one of the only solutions to support quantitative risk assessments. Previously deemed impossible, quantitative analysis is emerging as a critical component of cyber risk management. Acuity has built this capability from the ground up based on decades of experience and knowledge.

  • Customer Focus

    Customer Focus

    At Acuity, we actively listen to our customers and aim to deliver maximum value to our users. We are proud that our customers are some of our biggest advocates in the market and remain with us for many years. We work collaboratively with them to ensure STREAM consistently meets their changing needs.

  • Experience


    With customers worldwide, Acuity has proven success supporting customers in highly regulated and targeted industries. Our founders and management team have extensive risk management experience and have developed STREAM based on that experience and that of our customers.