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STREAM Integrated Risk Manager Platform
What we do

STREAM Integrated Risk Manager is an award-winning software platform for cyber risk management and compliance.  

We configure your chosen risk management and compliance frameworks and migrate your data onto our flexible, scalable, easy to use platform.

Most importantly we do it quickly, allowing you to realise the benefits within weeks without the need for custom development.

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Acuity Cyber Risk Management Software
How we do it

STREAM captures, links and correlates all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber risk management and presents results in business terms via a simple and intuitive user interface.

Configurable elements include: quantitative, qualitative or mixed-mode risk assessments; integrated control frameworks; extensive reporting at all levels of the Enterprise; personalised dashboards; interfaces with third party applications and workflow.

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Business Intelligence for GRC
Why we do it

With cyber-attacks now the highest risk to business across most parts of the world, business leaders want to understand cyber risks within their organisations and across the supply chain.

Many organisations are racing to capitalise on the opportunities from digitalisation so managing cyber risk is critical for success.

Priorities for actions and investment decisions on cyber security and resilience need to be informed by a clear understanding of the risks.

Regulations and standards, such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and NIST CSF require a risk-based approach to privacy and security.

CIR Award winners Logo
Cyber Security Product of the Year

Acuity won 'Cyber Security Product of the Year' 2018 at the annual CIR Risk Management Awards. The judges noted "STREAM’s greatest technical innovation is in modelling all of the complex relationships that exist in cyber security risk management and then successfully presenting results in business terms via a simple and intuitive user interface."

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Upcoming Acuity Webinar
On-demand webinar: STREAM-line your risk mitigation plans

Register to watch Acuity's latest webinar where we discuss the challenges in identifying and evaluating appropriate risk mitigations. We also demonstrate how this will be addressed in STREAM v5.5

Presenter: Jonny Hay


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